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This Full Moon, the second after autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, is referred to as the Hunter's Moon or more dramatically as the Blood Moon. Capricorn Horoscope for General Overview This year, you shall reach new goals in life. A little time is needed to see out this energy as any major decisions made at this time are fickle. The attractive Moon blends well with planetary energies, proving you are one of the most widely appealing signs in the zodiac. Most of us have read about eclipses in our school geography class but here are some details to refresh your memory.

Jan 16 We call this extra-potent Full Moon a lunar eclipse. Any kind of confusion or misunderstanding about your marriage will be cleared during this period as per your Scorpio marriage horoscope Dates of Moon Phases in Year. Moon phases, zodiac, daily activity planning guides, retrogrades, ingress, ephemeris, declinations, void of course, and more.

We've got the second of 's eclipses, a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo at degrees on the night of 20thst January and things are literally on a knife-edge! This powerful eclipse means 'curtains' on a play that's been going since February Eclipse Activation! Gain unique astrological insight into the full moon of May 18th, with this free article by Astrologer Salvador Russo of Starseed Astrology.

Here are the top five astronomy events of to mark on your calendar: Jan. First, our Disclaimer: Watching this video or reading this document is an act of spiritual willpower and any such action is considered Magick. Therefore, finding the moon in this or that sign of the zodiac is able both to give good luck and happiness, and bring troubles and bitterness.

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Saturn is aspecting your 3rd house, which is the house of communication, 7th house, which symbolizes business and relationships, and 10th house i. This is the 18th Total Lunar Eclipse, out of the 85, that this century will see. But in , it's time to put our needs on the back burner for a while and focus on your own.

We also have the first exact occurrence of one of the year's most important aspects: a month Saturn-Neptune sextile brimming over with awesome possibilities. The last lunar eclipse of the year , during which the Earth in course of its orbit around the Sun, comes between the Sun and Moon, will be partially visible in India. Read if you're feeling stuck or blocked. At HeruScopes, they are in Complimentary Signs! The Battle is against the Evil that lives within us, not. The "super blood Moon," the only total lunar eclipse of , just happened, and many skywatchers captured photos of the stunning celestial event.

The January Eclipse in Astrology. The New Moon on February 4th falls in the sign of Aquarius and holds beautiful, abundant, glittering energy for us all. It's a total lunar eclipse in Aquarius. As you may know, there will be a blood moon total lunar eclipse on January 21st. This energy began in applying degrees on January 7, it is exact today, and it will last until February 4, You've no objection to change. It is like having a map of your life,. The moniker is apropos as the Moon pushes to its fullest point opposite the Sun in Scorpio - the sign associated with childbirth, midwifery, and surgery.

Every calendar is easy to print and free. The single natives have a lot of success with the opposite sex and they will probably lose count of the hearts they conquered. Though it has a special name, it does not belong to the category of unique Full Moons that you may recognize, like the Blue Moon a second Full Moon in a calendar month that occurs once every two and a half years , Supermoon when the Moon is full and closest to the Earth , or the Blood Moon happens during a total lunar eclipse.

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It is a blue moon because it is the second full moon occurring within the same month. This blood moon will be the first of and occur in Leo. July Horoscopes It will start the night of January 20, , and reach its fullest point at A. In your horoscope Taurus, Jupiter transits Scorpio till 5th November. Well because this is the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century, so that means that this is a really significant event. Any changing conditions which might arise as a result of the Blood Moon will require a bit of adaptability on your part.

PST on January 20, , the full moon will be in Leo — and it doubles as a total lunar eclipse. Come back every month for exclusive horoscopes from astrologer Rebecca Gordon. The Solar eclipse is a partial one and the eclipse path will be mainly seen in northeast Asia.

Don't let its scary name fool you: this is the. Full Moon January October's Full Moon is the Hunter's Moon. On January 21, the United States and some other areas of the world got quite a show: a total lunar eclipse, lasting for an hour in totality, the moon appearing an eerie red hue. Upcoming Blood Moon is surely going to attract a lot of audiences because it is not every day we see it. Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse. The moon will be the closest to the Earth at this time, which is why it is called a Supermoon.

Arriving with the full supermoon. Invest in the best Scorpio. This also includes relationships as Juno enters your 10 th and Vesta and Uranus meet in your partnership sector. You need to be valued in turn by partners. How do you think your personal stock is performing? Mercury and ancient ruler Mars meet in your 9 th of freedom and oppose modern day ruler Pluto in your 9 th. A journey, trip, course of study or expansion into a new area could lead to a new way or life — or fresh opportunities.

Feel optimism and excitement return if they have been lacking lately. Dare to take a chance now — perhaps on having your dreams. Just be aware if you are physically travelling as opposed to a mental journey, Mercury enters retroshadow phase from the 20 th so have alternative plans or routes in place before setting out. Neptune which forms our link to the past retros in your romance zone. Is it time for the return of a past lover or simply something you loved to do?

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Relive it or revive it if it adds to the quality of your life and expands you experience. Go for quality over quantity this week, Scorpio. Hanging out for what you truly desire as opposed to an instant fix — so satisfying. Just like fellow fire sign Leo — you were designed to stand out.

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It can be classy or casual but it is totally your signature style and designed to get you noticed. You need to be reflecting who you are far and wide. Think of yourself as a beacon as the full Moon appears in your 1 st on the 17 th. Your light can penetrate the furthest reaches of the universe shining on those desires. It will also illuminate someone opposite you. This is a wonderful week for love, romance and attraction.

This includes people who want to help you, gifts, benefits, opportunities and friends. Venus is in its ruling 7 th and opposes ruler Jupiter this week acting as a magnet for those desires and wishes. Free to be you — free to be two. Money, negotiations, power sharing and how comfortable you feel simply handling more assets and resources also feature. Important papers or contracts could be signed as Mercury meets Mars in your power zone and both oppose Pluto in your house of money. Confront any insecurities around not having enough or not being enough to get whatever it is you want now.

Changes around your work situation — job sharing, power sharing, may play a role in the outcome you ultimately reach.

In a nutshell: Stand out from the crowd, Sag! You were designed to be a beacon for your desires. So act and dress like one. What have you been ignoring, Capricorn?

Could it be those secret goals, dreams and wishes? Have you been ignoring your own right to shine? In your search for success have you become too conforming instead of working within the structure yet still owning your individuality? The full Moon in your mysterious 12 th boosts intuition and insight and has you examining all that. Was there a time in the past when you felt more expressive, creative and also at the same time, able to achieve more? Vesta and Uranus conjunct in your house of romance, passion and pleasure are also asking if you have given part of yourself away to please others or simply because you felt you had to in order to get ahead.

Restore who you are and re-set if necessary now. Love is both a great experiment and a grand reinvention now or can be. And this could begin with how you are seeing yourself. Mars in your 7 th increases your desire for passion and to express your love — and to receive it in return. Others could find themselves drawn into a compelling and magnetic attraction that is simply Lucifer asking you what you desire in person.

You may be able to resist anything except temptation now. Starting with your need to own all those secret ones. In a nutshell: That secret loves not a secret anymore. What do you desire? It could come door knocking now. Stand out from the crowd this full Moon Aquarius. Above all, to be with people with whom you can be yourself. People want to approach, connect and get to know you. And perhaps for more reasons than just friendship.

So, why deny them the opportunity? Jupiter in your 11 th points to benefits through friends and an expanding social circle. Venus in your 5 th is all about romance. Sustainability and security are your other themes this week. Reviving past skills or going back to a job or project you worked on previously, readjusting that routine or making job changes are all favoured as both Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto in your 12 th. With Mercury entering retroshadow in its ruling 6 th from the 20 th , time to renegotiate from your present position while planning to make a move in the future if you have to.

Choose the friends and the company that sustain you. You never know where a simple hello or a follow or like can take you. Be prepared to find out more. That and once in a 12 year aspect between Jupiter in here and Venus in your 4 th of long term security. Of course, ruler Neptune retrograde in your 1 st from the 20 th also lends a hand. Chances are as you pull in and go through, you realise that you could have taken this route before. Why not? All this comes pre-packaged with an additional feel good factor. Ever noticed how when one area of your life goes right then others go into automatic update mode and upgrade too?

Both these oppose Pluto in your social and connectivity sector. The hot stuff happens to be you right now and people want to bask in that heat, Pisces. The Sun also enters your 5 th from the 21 st and passion, romance and creativity and combining these are all on the table. Reclaiming past loves and past connections could form part of the grand party plan as Mercury begins its retroshadow in your 5 th on the 20 th. In a nutshell: Gatherings or even celebrations could feature this week as doors to career recognition swing wide.

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Simple to use interactive web chat and video readings web chat video chat. Like your own personal horoscope page, with easy online payments! Well, because ruler Venus is in its ruling 7th in your chart good but then so is Ceres. Now, whether this is the season of love and sensuality or the season of love long gone, could be determined by the choices you have made in the past 12 months around relationships. Changes and choices, especially around deeply personal aspects of your life, have been a theme for you.

What did you choose to accept? And this includes accepting change if it is necessary to bring you the love you need. Both Venus and Ceres angle to Pluto in your 9th of freedom, expansion and also learning, this week. So, you will see how love has transformed your landscape or else understand that different choices may need to be made for Mars in your 11th meets with Chiron this week infusing those goals and desires with power, passion and yes, conviction too.

To be willing to change direction. Venus will not exit the retroshadow phase until the New Year and then will occupy your 12 th. Loads of free readings available online view free readings. Love who you are right now. You could come up with a daring new strategy to reach that dream. Look to your feelings around the love you feel and the love you receive and share this week as this is your barometer as to whether you need to make more adjustments to gain that soul-defining love connection.